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Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Rates for 2019

If you are 65 years old or older and live in the United States, you may rely on the federal Medicare program for Medicare benefits. Medicare covers a lot of things, but with Medicare alone, you’re still responsible for Part B excess charges, hospital coinsurance and other hospital costs for hospital stays, hospice care coinsurance, skilled nursing facility care and other out of pocket costs.

There are plan options that can help you save a lot of money throughout the calendar year, though. Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2019 is one of 10 Medicare Supplement Plans available to help you bridge the hole between what Original Medicare pays and what is your responsibility. These Medicare Supplement plans are named A through N. Medicare Supplement Plan G is the second-most popular Medicare Supplement insurance policy available, second only to Medicare Supplement Plan F. If you want to save money on medical services while enjoying an affordable monthly premium, signing up for Medigap Plan G might be your best choice.

Medicare Supplement Plan G Rates Vs. Plan F & N

Medigap Plan G is the fastest-growing plan and is increasing in popularity every year. According to 2016 reviews by CSG Actuarial, 13 percent of seniors have Plan G as their Medicare Supplement insurance.

The outline of coverage under Medicare Supplemental Plan G in 2019 is similar to Medicare Plan F benefits, except that Plan G does not pay the Original Medicare Part B deductible. Plan G is becoming extremely sought after because often the amount you save in Medicare Supplement Plan G rates is enough to pay the Part B deductible. The number of people choosing Plan G as their Medicare Supplement insurance is expected to rise because after Jan. 1, 2020, Plan F will no longer be available for new beneficiaries. It’s also a more comprehensive plan than Plan N and some of the other plans, so it’s ideal for those who want more coverage than the average plan but who want lower monthly premiums than with Plan F.

Be aware that your prescription drug costs are not included in Medicare Plan G, but they aren’t covered by the other Supplement plans, either. A prescription drug plan might be right for you, though. Many beneficiaries sign up for a Supplement and then a drug plan.

Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Outline of Coverage – Part A

Original Medicare Part A pays for part, but not all, of the expenses associated with inpatient hospital services. Medicare Plan G covers the coinsurance and copayment amounts that you would otherwise be responsible for:

  1. Covers 100% of Medicare Part A deductible
  2. 100% of Part A coinsurance amount up to 365 days after your Part A benefits expire
  3. Covers 100% of coinsurance for care in a skilled nursing facility
  4. 100% of the cost of the first three pints of blood
  5. 80% of the cost of emergency care in a foreign country

Medicare Supplement Plan G Benefits with Part B

Original Medicare Part B pays for part, but not all, of the expenses associated with outpatient care. These costs include doctor visits, emergency room visits, ambulance transportation, medical equipment, and other healthcare expenses. Except for your Part B deductible, Medigap Plan G benefits cover the copayment and coinsurance amounts that you would be responsible for:

  1. 100% of the Part B coinsurance and copayment amount after you pay your Part B deductible
  2. 100% of excess charges (the excess charge is the difference between what your health care provider charges and what Original Medicare approves)
  3. 80% of the cost of foreign travel emergency care costs

It is important to realize that Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2019 does not pay your annual Part B deductible. However, the amount you save when you compare Medicare Part G premiums to Plan F premiums will typically pay for your Part B deductible.

Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Have A Network?

You are not required to use a network of physicians or hospitals, and there is no restriction on when or how you get care. If you seek care from a doctor who does not participate in Medicare, Plan G pays 100 percent of the excess charges. Medicare Supplemental Plan G is ideally suited for individuals who like to travel and want the freedom to choose their health care providers, all while enjoying coverage above the basic benefits and not having to worry about plan limits.

Who Buys Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2019?

Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2019 is a good value for individuals who are willing to pay a small annual Part B deductible in return for a lower premium. If you fit one of the categories below:

  1. You travel a lot, internationally as well as nationally, and you want to avoid network restrictions when traveling to other states and have foreign travel emergency coverage for when you’re in other countries.
  2. Some people want comprehensive coverage to help with things like annual deductibles but are budget-conscious and do not want to overpay for benefits.
  3. Do not want to deal with insurance claims.
  4. You have an extensive medical history that requires frequent doctor or hospital visits.

When Can I Purchase a Medicare Supplemental Plan G for 2019?

To guarantee coverage under Medigap Plan G or any of the other Medicare Supplemental plans, you need to sign up during your primary enrollment period. The primary enrollment period starts the first day of the month in which you meet both of these conditions:

  1. You are 65 years old
  2. Under age 65 due to a disability
  3. You are enrolled in Medicare Part B

During this open enrollment period, health insurance carriers must sell you a Medigap policy even if you have health conditions. If you sign up after your open enrollment ends, insurance carriers are allowed to use medical underwriting to evaluate your application. Based on the medical underwriting, you may have to pay a higher premium due to your health history. The insurance company may also reject your application entirely.

There are also a few special enrollment periods (SEPs) where you can enroll in Medicare Plan G, and you are not subject to medical underwriting:

  1. If you are covered under a Medicare Advantage Plan, and that plan drops out of Medicare, discontinues its availability in your area or you move out of the plan’s service area.
  2. If you have Original Medicare and a group health plan through your employer and that plan is ending.
  3. Switch to Original Medicare within the first year after joining a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  4. If you lose your Medigap coverage through no fault of your own.

Regardless of the situation, never assume that you are ineligible for Medicare Plan G coverage or any other Medicare Supplement plans. We urge you to always discuss your situation with an insurance agent who can advise you on your best options.

Best Medicare Plan G – Companies We Recommend

Having a Medicare Supplement insurance plan that satisfies your coinsurance, deductibles, and copayments leave you with a good feeling. Having an insurance company that you can trust leaves you feeling even better. We recommend you consider the following “preferred companies” to find the best Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019:

We prefer working with these insurance carriers because they have a long history of stable rates and outstanding customer service. Their rates are some of the most competitive among top insurance carriers, and they have lots of experience providing quality products in the industry.