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Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019

Do you need to consider Medicare Supplement plan F for 2019? After signing up for Medicare Part B, many people are shocked to receive bills for “excess” charges. These charges represent the difference between what Medicare is willing to pay for services and what medical professionals charge. This is the most comprehensive of the Medicare Supplement plans, and the right program could eliminate doctor’s bills, copays, and other unexpected medical bills.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2019

Medicare Part A operates in 60-day coverage periods. If you’re admitted to the hospital while covered by this part alone, you must pay a deductible of $1,316. What happens if you’re admitted to the hospital again, but it’s during the next 60-day period? You must pay that deductible again. This deductible is difficult for many participants to cover even if they’re only admitted to the hospital once a year.

  • Part A hospital and coinsurance costs up to an additional 356 days after Medicare benefits are exhausted
  • Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance

Medicare Supplement Plan F with Medicare Part B

  • Part B coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Part B deductible
  • First three pints of blood used in an approved medical procedure (annually)
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Foreign travel emergency coverage (80%, up to plan limits)

How Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Work in 2019?

Plan F policies are designed to Supplement Medicare Parts A and B. You can visit any doctor in the world that accepts Medicare as payment, and your Part F carrier will pick up excess charges, deductibles and other expenses not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. This means that you could receive Medicare benefits even if you need care while traveling abroad. Medicare Parts A and B will pay their part of your bills first, and then your deductibles, coinsurance and excess charges are paid by your Plan F insurer.

While Medicare Supplement plan F rates are higher than prices for other types of Medicare Supplement plans, you also receive more benefits than you would receive from less comprehensive plans. Simply put, you can save more money when covered by Medicare Supplemental plan F policies.

Who Buys Medicare Supplement Plan F Coverage?

According to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance, 13 million Americans signed up for Medicare Supplement plans in previous years. Of those participants, approximately 60 percent chose to enroll in Medicare Supplemental plan F. Most people choose Plan F because they don’t want to worry about paying unexpected medical bills. They don’t have time to collect medical bills throughout the year and adjust their budgets to make sure that they are all paid. It’s much easier to simply pay a monthly premium and know that their medical expenses are covered.

If you can relate to one or more of these statements, you’re likely an ideal candidate for a Medigap Plan F policy in 2019:

  1. When and if I visit my doctor often depends on whether I can afford to pay my share of the bill.
  2. I sometimes refuse lab work and other services from my medical care provider because I know that Medicare Part B won’t cover those services.
  3. I struggle to meet my Medicare deductibles.
  4. You want to travel, but I’m always worried about the cost of medical care if something were to happen to me while out of the United States.

When Can You Purchase Medicare Plan F Policies in 2019?

Your first opportunity to sign up for Medicare Supplement insurance is when you turn 65 and sign up for Medicare Part B. The month that you turn 65 starts your six-month open enrollment period.

If you didn’t sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan F during that open enrollment period, you might qualify for special enrollment periods if any of the following occur in your life:

  1. Lose medical coverage through an employer due to retirement or other circumstances. You have 63 days to apply for Part F.
  2. You no longer have access to your Medicare Advantage plan due to the carrier losing certification.
  3. Moving out of the plan’s service area or canceling the plan within one year of enrollment in Medicare Plan A.
  4. You lost your Supplemental benefits through another carrier due to the carrier going bankrupt or violating your contract.

Which Medicare Plan F Companies are Best in 2019?

The terms of Plan F policies are the same regardless of your chosen insurance carrier. The only factor that varies is the price, which is why it’s important to shop around and secure quotes from multiple carries before selecting a policy.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Insurers We Recommend

After years of experience with Medicare Plan F policies, a few carriers have emerged as our preferred providers:

They also happen to offer some of the most competitive rates.

Medicare Plan F policies in 2019 are no different than any other healthcare plan when it comes to rate changes. As the cost of health-care rises or falls, you can expect to see fluctuations in your rates from year to year.

Feel free to use our free quote comparison tool to get a general idea of what Plan F benefits may cost.