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Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan for 2019

There are quite a few shoppers for Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan for 2019. There are roughly 1.5 million residents who depend upon Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B  to provide them with essential health benefits. For over 20 percent of them, the right solution will be Medicare Supplement plans.  We can help you get a personalized comparison of Medicare Supplement rates in Michigan.  Just pick your state from the quote box to get started.

Medicare Supplement Plans: Overview and Changes

No significant changes are planned in Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan for 2019.  They have consistently been very predictable benefits due to them being standardized. It might be easiest to understand these if they are grouped by similarity:

  • Basic coverage: Plan A and B are considered basic coverage. The difference between these two Medicare Supplement plans is that Plan B won’t pay the Medicare Part A deductible.
  • Robust coverage: Plan F, Plan C, Plan D, and Plan G are considered robust Medigap plan. Plan F offers all benefits. Plan G is the same but without coverage for the Part B deductible. Plan C is like Plan F but without coverage for excess charges. Plan D is like Plan C but without the Part B deductible.
  • High deductible: High deductible Plan F is similar to the original Plan F, but it only kicks in after the yearly deductible has been met.
  • Cost sharing: Plan K, Plan L, Plan M, and Plan L are the cost-sharing options. Both Plan K and Plan L have a yearly deductible.
  • Most Popular:  Medicare Supplement Plan G and Plan F

Top Providers of Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan for 2019

All Medicare Supplement plans in Michigan for 2019 will offer the same benefit from any health insurance company. That means you should compare top companies like these to find the cheapest Medicare Supplement rates in Michigan for plan F and plan G:

Medicare Supplement Rates Where You Live

While insurers can determine their own rates for each Medigap plan, they may also charge different prices in different counties. Also, they don’t have to market in every area. Medicare beneficiaries are most likely to see the most competition here:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Lansing

Michigan residents often prefer Medicare Supplement plans because they typically offer a broader choice of doctors and specialists combined with more predictability for out of pocket medical expenses.

Compare the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan for 2019 Online

We can help you compare Medicare Supplement rates in Michigan online with our quick quote forms. All you need to do is pick Michigan from the list at the top of this page. After you submit the quote form, you should see several options almost instantly. Click any of these entries for more information.  If you need help comparing or wish to apply for a  Medicare Supplement plan in Michigan for 2019, give us a call today.