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Medicare Supplement Plans

While Medicare Advantage gets a lot of attention these days, almost a quarter of beneficiaries are expected to choose Medicare Supplement plans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. People who only have Parts A and B, also called traditional Medicare, could still be faced with a lot of cost-sharing because of copays and deductibles. Medicare Supplement plans help fill in the gaps for things that Parts A and B don’t cover, and that’s why it is sometimes called Medigap plans.

We are here to help you make good decisions about Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare plan F, and Medicare Supplement plan G. Both prices and plan choices vary by county and state. Just find your state on the quote box on this page to get started with your comparison.

Medicare Supplement Plans

In most states,  Medicare Supplement plans are sold by plan level. These are the levels:

  • Plan A
  • Plan B
  • Plan C
  • Plan D
  • Plan F
  • High-Deductible Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan K
  • Plan M
  • Plan N

Each of these levels has somewhat different benefits. Of all of these choices, plans C and F are the most popular choices. They are the most robust and also the most expensive. This shows that people who purchase 2019 Medicare Supplement plans are probably more concerned about having good benefits than they are about monthly premiums. Somewhat lower-priced are plans K through N since they require more cost-sharing. The right choice may depend upon your health needs, budget, and the way you prefer to access health services.

How Original Medicare Works

Original Medicare provides very broad coverage for hospital and medical bills. However, most covered services are covered at 80%. That means that the recipient needs to pay 20%, and this can add up to quite a bit of money for hospital bills and other services. Medicare Supplement plans help fill in the gaps for this cost-sharing. In some cases, Medigap plans also pay for things that original Medicare doesn’t pay for at all.

While prescription drug plans come bundled with many Advantage PPOs and HMOS, you will always have to buy Medicare Part D when you buy a Medigap plan. Insurers that sell Medicare supplement insurance almost always sell standalone drug plans as well. Some people will find that Advantage plans are more affordable. In fact, you can even find zero premium HMOs in many counties. However, Medicare supplements are more flexible and may provide more first-dollar coverage for people who need to use a lot of health services.

What Are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans?

As you compare Medicare Supplement plans, you will probably notice these major insurance companies popping up a lot in your quotes:

One thing to note is that all Medicare Supplement plans are the same. For example, Plan F is the same for Cigna as it is from Bankers Life. For this reason, it is fine to just shop for the cheapest premium from a quality company.

Most competitive states: Arizona, Texas, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York & Ohio

Locate the Right Medicare Supplement Plan

One of the most difficult things about Medicare is that today’s seniors face so many choices. Between a variety of different Medicare Supplements, MA plans, and Part D plans, it can be hard to find the one that offers the right combination of premiums and benefits. We pride ourselves in providing the advice and online tools to help beneficiaries and their loved ones make good decisions.

To use our online quote form, just select your state from the quote box on the top of this web page. After that, you can submit the form to find many different Medicare Supplement plan options in your own local area. For each option, you can click the entry to go to a page where you can compare benefits and quotes. You can also find contact information to speak with live agents who can answer your questions.